Posted by: andreasonlinebiz | July 21, 2009

Another Look at Gratitude

I’ve been thinking about gratitude a lot lately. It’s very easy to be thankful for the positive things in my life, my family, my apartment. But is there was more to gratitude than that? But can I be thankful for my challenges? Can I be thankful for people who have the things that I desire? In other words, can I thank God for people that I envy?

That’s challenging! In fact it seems impossible and I thought that I could never do that. I acknowledged my feelings, but decided to have a different perspective on the situation. Instead of envying the successful people in my business, I saw them as examples of what is possible. I realized if they could be successful, I could be just as successful. Then I sent ecards to some people congratulating them on achieving certain leadership awards in my company.

It still isn’t always easy. Sometimes my first response is to be envious or condemn them in my mind. When that happens, I acknowledge the thought and realize that it is my ego’s response to feeling threatened.

Then I choose to be thankful anyway. I am thankful for a new perspective on gratitude. I am thankful that the top producers in my company are examples of what is possible in this business.

I am thankful!

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  1. Nice post. Gratitude is the most powerful thing in the world… You can be grateful for anything and everything 🙂



    • Sunil:

      I agree. We can make a difference through our attitude. Thanks for sharing your comments.



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