Posted by: andreasonlinebiz | July 9, 2009

The Power of a Vision

Well, I finally did it. I reviewed my vision this weekend. I’ve been writing articles about the importance of having a clear vision for your business. I realized that it was time for me to reassess my vision and see if it could be expanded.

I spent Sunday at the Anglican convent (Sisterhood of St. John the Divine,, my favourite place to focus on my goals. I had a wonderful time discovering what God is calling me to be, do and have over the next year.

My vision involves moving back to the east coast. I’ve talked about it for many years, but I’m ready to take action now. I’ve put pictures of Halifax around my apartment to give me a sense of what it will be like to be there. I’ve started visualizing my dream home near the ocean.

I am so motivated to build my business. As my vision has grown, I’ve developed new marketing ideas. I’m actually working harder than I’ve ever done before.

In fact on Monday I made 2 videos, which up until then I never thought was possible. I’ve also consciously chosen to not pursue any new relationships over the next year and focus my energy on building my business and nurturing close friendships.

I am so excited. I feel free to pursue my dream and serve others through my business. I love my life!

Wonder what online business that I’ve chosen? Check this out!


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