Posted by: andreasonlinebiz | July 4, 2009

Being Real!

The past few weeks have been very interesting. In my desire to grow my business, I recently started working with a new business coach, Larry Agresto. This has been such a blessing. During my first coaching call we discussed transparency and the importance of telling my story.

I thought I had been transparent, that I’ve told other people my story. But actually I really haven’t been open at all. Up until now, I hadn’t disclosed my real motivation to build my business. You see, I was homeless for 8 months, after leaving an abusive living situation in November 2006. I ended up living in a women’s shelter for two and a half months.

My experience of living in the woman’s shelter fuelled my passion to equip women with the tools to provide for themselves. I am committed to do my part to prevent any more women from experiencing the pain of homelessness and living in a women’s shelter. I want women to know that they are beloved daughters of God. I want them to know that they are powerful and they have wonderful choices to live out their power.

Through my business, I connect women with the tools and resources to create wealth and invest like the wealthy. I also connect them with excellent resources for personal development. Thus my experience of homelessness, also known as “Andrea’s Amazing Housing Adventure”, drives me to build this business.

Larry encouraged me to create a video which tells about my experience of homelessness. So I did! I took the risk and became vulnerable. Check out the result!

Wonder what online business that I’ve chosen? Check this out!


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