Posted by: andreasonlinebiz | May 27, 2009

The Video Adventure

Starting an online business is a daring adventure. You can never predict the result. Recently I decided to master video marketing as a key strategy to market my business. The decision seemed fitting. I decided to play to win – I would do whatever it took to market my business.

That was a great plan until my video camera began having technical difficulties. I am not a techno whiz! I rely on techno whizzes for help. Consequently I decided to return my video camera to Pure Digital for repairs. It’s hard to master video marketing without a video camera. 😉

Now, how do I play to win? Talk about a frustrating situation. I could whine and complain. Or, I could come up with a plan B. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I decided to find things for which to thank God.

I thank Him for:

  • The helpful customer service staff at Pure Digital
  • The wisdom to purchase the service plan that covers the repair or replacement of defective video cameras
  • The idea to courier it today to the Pure Digital office in California
  • The decision to quickly work out some of my frustration at Curves
  • The freedom to cry and yell without feeling guilty
  • The scenic view just outside my apartment
  • A beautiful sunny day

A defective video camera is just a minor glitch in the process. Consequently, I choose to focus on the big picture – what I am creating. “Capitalize on the crisis!! Your greatest asset is you!!”

Wondering which online business I’ve chosen? Check this out!


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