Posted by: andreasonlinebiz | May 20, 2009

Start a Business – Discover Yourself!

Do you want to find out who you really are?  Start a business. You will be amazed at what you discover.

After reading many personal development books and attending numerous workshops, I was confident of the accuracy of my self-awareness.  But starting an online business has brought my self-awareness to a different level.

Becoming aware of my obsessive nature and the impact on my business was a startling revelation.   For many years I complained about my employers who set such unrealistic expectations. 

However, as an entrepreneur I am my own boss.  As a very hard task master who sets extremely high expectations, I can inadvertently allow the business to control my life.

I also discovered my tenacity.  I am persistent, I don’t easily give up.   This became very evident in my arduous journey to master video marketing.  Making the first video felt like such a traumatic event that I didn’t make another one for over a month.

Yet last week, I was determined to perfect this skill.  Eventually I created 8 videos and even developed a system to assist me in the process.  W.O.W. Wonder Of Wonders!!

Check out my latest video – Play to Win!

Wonder what online business that I’ve chosen? Check this out!


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