Posted by: andreasonlinebiz | May 1, 2009

I Play to Win!

For me to enthusiastically admit that “I play to win,” reflects a radical change in my thinking. Especially when I’d adamantly refused to categorize people as “winners” or “losers”. But my belief system was challenged last week when John Jackson, the VP of Leadership Development at my company, interviewed a new consultant. This young man realized that he had not been playing full out. He had been holding back.

Suddenly I was amazed to realize that I was doing the same thing in my business. What if I decided that winning meant achieving or surpassing my goals? Suppose I totally eliminated competition with others? What if I focused on exceeding my goals?

Last Thursday I seriously decided that I would play to win. My business is my game. I earnestly play to win – to achieve my goals. I play full force and will do whatever it takes to actualize my dreams. So I immediately decided to make more videos to market my business.

I had avoided making another video, because producing the first one had been such an arduous task. But this time I had a totally different attitude. I decided that I would master video marketing. Or as John Jackson said, “I deserve to master video marketing.” That decision changed everything and the outcome was a much easier.

I took action. Made the video. Constantly repeated the affirmations: “I play to win,” “I win by achieving my goals” daily. Next step in my plan – these affirmations will be in full view in my apartment. What’s God’s plan in this radical reversal in my perspective? Oh, the ecstasy!!

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  1. Andrea, good for you. Keep taking action … then take more action. You’ll find both growth and rewards in doing so. THAT’S the bigger game … the action game … we all deserve to be playing … to win.

    • JJ,

      Thanks for your comment and encouragement. It certainly makes a difference to take action. I also feel stronger choosing to play to win.

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