Posted by: andreasonlinebiz | April 16, 2009

Oops! Computer Challenges!

I’m enjoying a lovely spring day in Toronto.  This is my favourite time of the year.  It feels like everything comes alive.  Except my computer!!

Yes, the inevitable internet breakdown.  Oh joy! Yesterday afternoon I lost my internet connection.  After talking with the service provider, I found out that they may not solve the problem until Saturday.

Let me tell you, I was not impressed!  Don’t they know that I depend on the computer to build my business.  Don’t they care?!?

At first I flipped out. When I calmed down I remembered about the employment resource centre close to me where I can have free internet access and low cost printing.  So I hurried over to the centre this morning.

I am learning that I get to choose how I respond to challenges.  I can react or I can be thankful.  I choose to be thankful. 

I thank God that there is a centre with free computer access close to me.  I am thankful that it’s close to Curves, where I work out.  I’m heading to Curves when I’m finished at the resource centre.

I am thankful that there is a library across from my apartment where I can have internet access this evening.  I am thankful that my service provider is working on my internet problem.  I am thankful for the beautiful spring day!

I am thankful!

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