Posted by: andreasonlinebiz | April 3, 2009

How to build a successful business that thrives in the recession

It seems like the R-word is taking over. Everywhere I look the media reports on all the problems of the recession. There is a negative mindset of hunkering down to try and survive this economic upheaval.

So how can you handle it as an entrepreneur? Can you actually make money and build an online business that doesn’t just survive the recession, but thrives? Can you be a successful entrepreneur during these challenging times? Yes!

Your attitude makes all the difference in the world. You get to choose what you will focus on. You can focus on the negative messages in the media and dwell on “riding out the economic storm.” Or you can look for the opportunities during the economic upheaval.

Did you know that during the last depression some of the greatest wealth was created? The individuals who saw the opportunity and took action created great wealth. Many people are facing layoffs or cutbacks and they realize that there is no such thing as a “good, secure job.” 

This is a great time to recruit members for your home-based business. People are looking for business opportunities. Note the vast number of business opportunities on Facebook.

Do you choose to  focus on the layoffs and cutbacks and financial struggles that you may be experiencing? Or do you focus on all the people who are looking for a business opportunity?  How could you position yourself to connect with people who are looking for business opportunities?

What if you marketed your business opportunity to people in industries who are laying off staff? What would your life look like as some of them joined your business? It’s possible to tailor your marketing on Facebook to people in specific industries.

Pray. Ask God to show you other creative ways to market your business to people in companies who are laying off staff. If you want to have a different experience during the recession, you have to do something different.

Cut out negative people in your life or at least limit your contact with them. Sometimes you have to set clear boundaries with people telling them that certain topics are off-limits for you. Then if they start a negative conversation, change the topic. If they keep on talking, you may have to leave or end the conversation.

Hold the vision of your successful business in your mind. Write it out and read it daily at morning and night. Imagine how you will feel when you achieve your success. What will it feel like to drive that new car, to live in your new home? How will you feel when you can make a significant donation to the charity of your choice.

This economic downturn could be the best thing for your business. Choose to focus on the positive opportunities and watch your success unfold!

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  1. Hi Andrea,

    You are so right!

    Our attitude and the words we choose to use in our daily lives will create our future.

    It is so important to choose our attitudes to be possitive ones or we will only continue to attract negativity into our lives.

    You are so right, although it may be hard at first, by cutting out the negative people in our lives and surrounding ourselves with people who have accomplished what we wish to accomplish we will succeed.

    You don’t need to tell the negative people in your life that you choose not to be with them anymore, just simply decline any invites, and don’t start any discussions with them, over time they will give up on you and look for others to feed off of.

    Thanks Andrea for this incredible post! ;o)

    Cheers…Amanda van der Gulik…Excited Life Enthusiast!

  2. awesome stuff Andrea! it is only an economic recession if you let it be. your actions dictate your future, never fall into that negative mentality.

    keep up the great posts!


    • Jeremy:

      Thank you for the feedback. I love your reminder that “your actions dictate your future.” I choose to create a different future for myself.

      Have a great day!



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