Posted by: andreasonlinebiz | March 12, 2009

Handling challenges in my online business

There are always unexpected challenges for online entrepreneurs – so much to learn for the newbie entrepreneur.  Just when you think you’ve mastered one aspect of the business, other challenges emerge.

Two weeks ago I bought a video camera to market my business.  Now, understand that I am not a “techie” person at all.  I can handle some software, but I get lost with hardware or anything technical.  I didn’t realize that there was so much technical knowledge to be mastered in order to use the video camera.  After all, I don’t even have a digital camera and I’m from the “point & shoot” school of photography.

Being a classic overachiever, I decided to create 3 videos last week to market my business. 😉  No problem!  But God had another plan!  I kept having one technical problem after another.  Sometimes I was so furious with everything that throwing my laptop off my balcony felt like a realistic coping strategy. 

So what did I learn from my video camera experience?  I learned to recognize my limits and ask other people for help.  I contacted the technical resources from my business as well as the support from the Flip video camera company. My mother also reminded me about my uncle who is a techie wiz, an additional available resource.

I discovered that setting realistic goals is imperative for my success.  My goal to create 3 videos in my first week was totally unrealistic.  Don’t you think?  A non-techie needs training time to master technical equipment.  So what did I do?  I signed up with Traffic Geyser.  Now I’m an enthusiastic, passionate student of video marketing.

I also became aware that sometimes I just have to do something physical to dissipate my feelings of frustration.  When I felt like throwing my laptop away, I walked away from my computer and went to my room to yell and scream and have a temper tantrum.  Who knew that temper tantrums can be an integral part of creating a successful online business

Finally, I was driven to my spiritual practice of centering prayer.  As I became more grounded, I began to see God’s hand in my video camera adventure.  God gave me this camera and He will connect me with people who can help me use it effectively to grow my business.  This video camera is God’s tool for my character development. It is a way for me to become the woman I need to be in order to achieve the success that I want. 

So did I make the video?  Yes, I posted my first video on Youtube over a week ago.  Check it out!


Curious about the online business that I’ve chosen? Check this out!




  1. Good job Andrea, way to keep taking steps forward! The tech stuff can be a huge barrier, no doubt.

  2. Terry:

    Thank you for your feedback. Whenever I got frustrated, I would remember my vision, what I want to create in this business.

    Have an awesome day!



  3. Great job, Andrea. You learned so many valuable lessons this week! I applaud your successes!

    To me, the biggest thing you showed this week is that you displayed the one characteristic that ALL leaders and top earners in this industry have —

    The DRIVE to overcome ANY OBSTACLE, no matter how large.

    See you at the top!


    • Bob:

      Thanks so much for your encouraging words. The drive comes from holding the vision of what I am creating with my business. I will certainly see you at the top.



  4. Great job, Andrea! I’m very proud of what you are accomplishing. You have so much to offer others and you WILL achieve all that you are striving for.

    Way to go, girl!!


    • Gwen:

      Thanks for your encouraging words. Look forward to future feedback on this blog. Have a great day!



  5. Hi Andrea,
    Well done…it’s good to see that you’re moving forward and that a little technie problem won’t slow you down…

    • Cari:

      Thank you for your feedback. My vision for my business is too huge to let a mere techie problem slow me down.



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