Posted by: andreasonlinebiz | January 30, 2009

Achieving Success in Your Online Business

Yes, I did it.  I made my first sale in my new online business.  I am so excited!  I started this business at the beginning of December and I made my first major sale before the end of January!  Yahoo!

So being a very analytical person, I want to figure out what made the difference this time.  After all, I’ve been in many businesses for over 10 years, but I pondered what worked this time.

Well, I’ve been re-reading “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  He emphasizes the importance of becoming very clear on exactly how much money you want to receive.  

He asserts that you should write down the exact amount of money you want to receive.  He also recommends that you read it to yourself first thing in the morning and last thing at night with feeling, believing that you already have what you desire. 

Hill writes that “Your subconscious mind recognizes and acts only upon thoughts that have been well mixed with emotion or feeling.” 

He also states “When visualizing the money you intend to accumulate (with closed eyes) see yourself rendering the service or delivering the merchandise you intend to give in return for the money.”

So this week, I started visualizing myself paying a significant tithe to my church in exchange for receiving my commission.  I also repeated my goal every morning and at night enthusiastically believing that I have already achieved my goal. 

And now, I not only reached my goal but I exceeded it.  I achieved success in my business, when I realized that I am a success.  God is so good!

You too will achieve success in your business when you believe that you are successful.  For you are!  As wise person once said, “God doesn’t make no junk.”  You are God’s beloved child and He created you for a life of joy and prosperity.

Go out and craft that wonderfully successful online business that you’ve been longing to create.  Go make a difference in your world.

Want to know what online business I’ve chosen? Check this out!


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