Posted by: andreasonlinebiz | August 6, 2009

This Way to a Successful Online Business!

I am so excited. I’ve moved my blog to a new website, It’s a great chance to share my journey of creating a successful online business.

I started my business to create freedom for myself and for others. I will share some online marketing tips to help you grow your business.

Join me on the next leg of my journey at my new blog at I look forward to receiving your comments about my posts. Have a wonderful day!

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Posted by: andreasonlinebiz | July 29, 2009

May You Be Blessed!

A friend shared this video with me yesterday. I want to share it with you because it touched my heart. May you be blessed as you watch it! Enjoy!

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Posted by: andreasonlinebiz | July 21, 2009

Another Look at Gratitude

I’ve been thinking about gratitude a lot lately. It’s very easy to be thankful for the positive things in my life, my family, my apartment. But is there was more to gratitude than that? But can I be thankful for my challenges? Can I be thankful for people who have the things that I desire? In other words, can I thank God for people that I envy?

That’s challenging! In fact it seems impossible and I thought that I could never do that. I acknowledged my feelings, but decided to have a different perspective on the situation. Instead of envying the successful people in my business, I saw them as examples of what is possible. I realized if they could be successful, I could be just as successful. Then I sent ecards to some people congratulating them on achieving certain leadership awards in my company.

It still isn’t always easy. Sometimes my first response is to be envious or condemn them in my mind. When that happens, I acknowledge the thought and realize that it is my ego’s response to feeling threatened.

Then I choose to be thankful anyway. I am thankful for a new perspective on gratitude. I am thankful that the top producers in my company are examples of what is possible in this business.

I am thankful!

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Posted by: andreasonlinebiz | July 9, 2009

The Power of a Vision

Well, I finally did it. I reviewed my vision this weekend. I’ve been writing articles about the importance of having a clear vision for your business. I realized that it was time for me to reassess my vision and see if it could be expanded.

I spent Sunday at the Anglican convent (Sisterhood of St. John the Divine,, my favourite place to focus on my goals. I had a wonderful time discovering what God is calling me to be, do and have over the next year.

My vision involves moving back to the east coast. I’ve talked about it for many years, but I’m ready to take action now. I’ve put pictures of Halifax around my apartment to give me a sense of what it will be like to be there. I’ve started visualizing my dream home near the ocean.

I am so motivated to build my business. As my vision has grown, I’ve developed new marketing ideas. I’m actually working harder than I’ve ever done before.

In fact on Monday I made 2 videos, which up until then I never thought was possible. I’ve also consciously chosen to not pursue any new relationships over the next year and focus my energy on building my business and nurturing close friendships.

I am so excited. I feel free to pursue my dream and serve others through my business. I love my life!

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Posted by: andreasonlinebiz | July 4, 2009

Being Real!

The past few weeks have been very interesting. In my desire to grow my business, I recently started working with a new business coach, Larry Agresto. This has been such a blessing. During my first coaching call we discussed transparency and the importance of telling my story.

I thought I had been transparent, that I’ve told other people my story. But actually I really haven’t been open at all. Up until now, I hadn’t disclosed my real motivation to build my business. You see, I was homeless for 8 months, after leaving an abusive living situation in November 2006. I ended up living in a women’s shelter for two and a half months.

My experience of living in the woman’s shelter fuelled my passion to equip women with the tools to provide for themselves. I am committed to do my part to prevent any more women from experiencing the pain of homelessness and living in a women’s shelter. I want women to know that they are beloved daughters of God. I want them to know that they are powerful and they have wonderful choices to live out their power.

Through my business, I connect women with the tools and resources to create wealth and invest like the wealthy. I also connect them with excellent resources for personal development. Thus my experience of homelessness, also known as “Andrea’s Amazing Housing Adventure”, drives me to build this business.

Larry encouraged me to create a video which tells about my experience of homelessness. So I did! I took the risk and became vulnerable. Check out the result!

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Posted by: andreasonlinebiz | June 5, 2009

Called to serve!

People invariably experience conflict in maintaining a balanced life while building a profitable business. Until recently, the significance of this evaded me. I’ve been so focussed on creating my business that other important aspects of my life were neglected. Maintaining friendships and nurturing the passions that sustain my soul were unintentionally ignored.

How do you maintain this equilibrium? That is the six million dollar question, which I’m attempting to answer. I’m learning that creating balance means structuring ample time to nurture both key friendships and my passions.

Last week I visited the Gardiner Museum in Toronto, the ceramic museum. I never realized how intricate ceramics can be and I relished the beauty and fine detail of such magnificent pieces of art.

Additionally, a meeting with Sr. Anitra, my spiritual director, at St. John’s Convent (the Sisterhood of St. John the Divine) proved resourceful. Her perspective was refreshing. To be reminded of the assurance that God loves and accepts me just as I am, brought harmony.

Furthermore, I’ve also decided to make Sundays a technology free day, as much as possible. It will be a computer fast day. In addition, the practice of praying the Divine Office (praying at specific times) will be incorporated during the week. As a result I gain an increased awareness of God’s blessings throughout the day.

This is undoubtedly a paramount attitudinal shift for me. A new realization! Now I know that I am co-creating my business with God. My business accurately reflects how God works through me. This business is how God calls me to serve in the world. I am so excited!!

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Posted by: andreasonlinebiz | May 27, 2009

The Video Adventure

Starting an online business is a daring adventure. You can never predict the result. Recently I decided to master video marketing as a key strategy to market my business. The decision seemed fitting. I decided to play to win – I would do whatever it took to market my business.

That was a great plan until my video camera began having technical difficulties. I am not a techno whiz! I rely on techno whizzes for help. Consequently I decided to return my video camera to Pure Digital for repairs. It’s hard to master video marketing without a video camera. 😉

Now, how do I play to win? Talk about a frustrating situation. I could whine and complain. Or, I could come up with a plan B. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I decided to find things for which to thank God.

I thank Him for:

  • The helpful customer service staff at Pure Digital
  • The wisdom to purchase the service plan that covers the repair or replacement of defective video cameras
  • The idea to courier it today to the Pure Digital office in California
  • The decision to quickly work out some of my frustration at Curves
  • The freedom to cry and yell without feeling guilty
  • The scenic view just outside my apartment
  • A beautiful sunny day

A defective video camera is just a minor glitch in the process. Consequently, I choose to focus on the big picture – what I am creating. “Capitalize on the crisis!! Your greatest asset is you!!”

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Posted by: andreasonlinebiz | May 20, 2009

Start a Business – Discover Yourself!

Do you want to find out who you really are?  Start a business. You will be amazed at what you discover.

After reading many personal development books and attending numerous workshops, I was confident of the accuracy of my self-awareness.  But starting an online business has brought my self-awareness to a different level.

Becoming aware of my obsessive nature and the impact on my business was a startling revelation.   For many years I complained about my employers who set such unrealistic expectations. 

However, as an entrepreneur I am my own boss.  As a very hard task master who sets extremely high expectations, I can inadvertently allow the business to control my life.

I also discovered my tenacity.  I am persistent, I don’t easily give up.   This became very evident in my arduous journey to master video marketing.  Making the first video felt like such a traumatic event that I didn’t make another one for over a month.

Yet last week, I was determined to perfect this skill.  Eventually I created 8 videos and even developed a system to assist me in the process.  W.O.W. Wonder Of Wonders!!

Check out my latest video – Play to Win!

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I Play to Win!

For me to enthusiastically admit that “I play to win,” reflects a radical change in my thinking. Especially when I’d adamantly refused to categorize people as “winners” or “losers”. But my belief system was challenged last week when John Jackson, the VP of Leadership Development at my company, interviewed a new consultant. This young man realized that he had not been playing full out. He had been holding back.

Suddenly I was amazed to realize that I was doing the same thing in my business. What if I decided that winning meant achieving or surpassing my goals? Suppose I totally eliminated competition with others? What if I focused on exceeding my goals?

Last Thursday I seriously decided that I would play to win. My business is my game. I earnestly play to win – to achieve my goals. I play full force and will do whatever it takes to actualize my dreams. So I immediately decided to make more videos to market my business.

I had avoided making another video, because producing the first one had been such an arduous task. But this time I had a totally different attitude. I decided that I would master video marketing. Or as John Jackson said, “I deserve to master video marketing.” That decision changed everything and the outcome was a much easier.

I took action. Made the video. Constantly repeated the affirmations: “I play to win,” “I win by achieving my goals” daily. Next step in my plan – these affirmations will be in full view in my apartment. What’s God’s plan in this radical reversal in my perspective? Oh, the ecstasy!!

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Posted by: andreasonlinebiz | April 27, 2009

Why Create Wealth?

So you want to create wealth? Why? We often hear that it’s selfish to focus on becoming rich. Some will imply that people only become wealthy by exploiting other individuals.

Recently I’ve been re-reading The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles, a man with a different perspective on wealth creation. Wattles asserts that God wants you to get rich so that “he can express himself better through you if you have plenty of things to use in giving him expression.”

Wow! What a radical perspective. The more money you have the more avenues you have for God to express himself through you.

When you are wealthy you can easily help people in need. For example, I just heard that a friend’s daughter was granted the Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship which covers her university education up to the PhD level. Consider the impact this scholarship will have on her life.

Having amassed your wealth, what difference could you make in the world? What causes are you passionate about? So as you explore wealth creation options, think about where you want to make an indelible mark.

Take some time to focus on the solution. Think it through to its logical conclusion. What would be the outcome? Visualize yourself making that significant contribution to the charity of your choice.

Who are the wealthy people you admire? Focus on their attributes. If you are visual, have their pictures in view. Go to places where rich people socialize. Absorb their energy. Rub shoulders with the HAVES. The playing field is now level. You are their equal.

As you concentrate on what you are now creating in your life, innovative ideas will flood your mind. Envision yourself as an exceptionally affluent person who is making a significant difference. Take the limits off. Amass the wealth. Change your world!

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